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Higurashi fans - A community for fans of Higurashi
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A place for fans of Higurashi no naku koro ni to come together
Welcome to higurashi_fans where, as the theme states, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni fans can come together and post icons, fanarts, fanfics or discuss about the series! As long as your posts involve anything Higurashi, then do join! :)

chiebie - Admin
tainee - co-mod

tainee - graphics & profile.
xaddictionsx - layout coding.
• You may post icons, fanart, fanfics, etc. Basically? Anything that's related to Higurashi.
• If the thing you're posting exceeds 300px in width (and height) we suggest using a livejournal cut
• For icon posts: Please make sure that the icons are under the livejournal size; 40KB and 100x100px.
NEW! To make browsing a lot easier, we've established the tags system. Please remember to check them so when making an entry you know how to tag it.
• We expect everyone here to respect the members and the maintainers of the community.
• Have fun & enjoy your stay.

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